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Domains Buying a domain name like "" is usually a very frustrating experience. Name stealing, blocking and overpricing are commonplace.
See all the pitfalls

Saubers.Networks register domains at the safest, full featured and lowest cost registrars.
Our 20 yrs experience saves you tons of money & gives you total peace of mind.

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$ 10 /domain

Anonymous registration
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We buy the domain in our name, set it up, create an account for you at the best registrar and transfer it. You'll only have to change your password.

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$ 5.99  once

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Domain pricing (US$/yr)

TLDRegister Renew 
.com   8.99   6.99  8.99
.net 11.79   5.9911.79
.info 11.19   2.9911.19
.org 10.7910.79
.us   7.99  7.99
.asia 11.9911.99
.ca   8.99  8.99
.cc   9.99   3.99  9.99
.co 22.69   3.9922.69
.in   6.89   6.89
.world 23.99   1.9923.99
.company   6.59   3.99  6.99
.art 10.6910.69
.biz 10.9910.99
.band 10.99   3.9918.99
.business   6.5915.99
.cafe 23.99   5.9923.99
.club   9.89   9.89
.city 15.99   3.9915.99
.realty   9.99   9.99
.mobi   8.69   4.29 13.99
.me 16.99   6.9916.99
.pro 11.89   3.9911.99
.one   7.99   7.99
.link   8.69   8.69
.click   8.59   8.59
.blue 10.89   4.2910.89
.pink 10.89   4.2910.89
.red 10.89   4.2910.89
.green 53.99  11.7953.99
.black 53.99  11.7933.99
 Low cost
.win  1.89  1.89
.trade  2.29   1.89  2.29
.work  6.29   6.29
.top   7.19   1.29  5.99
.bid   1.89   1.89
.download  2.29  2.29
.party  2.29   1.89  2.29
.racing  2.29   1.89  2.29
.review  2.29   1.89  2.29

* Prices in green are promotions


Price comparison
Buying "" with all features for 1, 3 & 10 years, in US$

Registrar1 yr3 yrs10 yrs
eNom 47.95143.85479.50
Net sol 43.99113.97269.90
Name 16.9850.94169.80
Register 48.0099.00240.00
Google 12.0036.00120.00
Domain 18.9856.94189.80

Blue: Reputable (We have accounts)
: No domain protection
GoDaddy: Known for blocking transfers & all kinds of dirty tricks
Google: A branch of the NSA, known for killing domains and worse...
Note: Most of these sites do not offer important features like custom DNS/ WHOIS/ Parking pages, Sub-accounts, etc, or charge a fortune for it.


Pitfalls The pitfalls of domain purchase

Name stealing
Icann allows registrars to return domains within 3 days if payment failed. Many registrars abuse this rule by temporary buying the domain you search for and, as it become "taken", sell it at 5-10 times the normal price.

Fake registration
Some registrars register your domain in their name.

Fake discount
Some registrars advertise $10 domains at $4.99 while hiding it is a multi year purchase with renewals at $25 and then block your domain from transfer if you don't renew with them the next year.

Features racket
Some registrars advertise domains at a low cost and then charges you a fortune for basic management that should be free, like email forwarding, etc...

Social networks
Anything you say on social networks can and will be used against you.

When you search for a registrar the top results are not there by chance or merit, but from $$, millions of them.

There are too many traps to write them all here. In over 20 yrs we found only 4 honest registrars that don't cheat you and give full features, and only 2 of them that gives low prices.

That is where you'll be when you get a domain from Saubers, for a modest $10 fee, you'll never have problems and you will save much more than $10.

But there is a catch. This service is mostly for our hosting customers. As we only make $1 and it provides you an anonymous registration we have to be selectif. So when you request a domain it would be wise to let us know about your fb, insta or w/e can make you look legit :)

Instant domain

We also have a registry account (for over 20 years) where you can buy any TLD instantly. That's more expensive but you don't have to wait nor share info.

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