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PresenceWeb Tutorial

Hosting PresenceWeb™ is made of 3 editable parts. The Account, the Site & the Sections.

The Account is where you set Names, Password, Staff & Email settings.
You access the Account from the [Account] button on the Log In page.

The Site include:
- HEADER: Logo, Title, Menu button.
- CONTENT: background & Text color, InfoMenu.
- FOOTER: Go to Top icon (and maybe others).
You edit the site Theme (Layout, colors) and Data (Text) by clicking on an [Edit Site] button if you are logged in.

The Sections are blocks you can add in the Content and edit individually.
To edit them you need to Log In first, then go to your main page by clicking the Logo or Title and there will be little [Add] and [Edit] buttons.


1 Header





To edit your website you first need to LOG IN

Log In

Go to the bottom of any page click "Log In".

The default Access Code for a new site is "000000".
To change it click the [Account] button.
To edit your site click the [Edit Site] button.

Edit Site

Here you can modify:
- The THEME (Colors & Layout in Top bar, Bottom Menu ...)
- The TEXT data (Title, Email ...)
- The LOGO (Replace, Upload)

To View your changes, first enter you security answer at the bottom, default is "white", then click the [Apply] button. This will only apply to the "Edit Site" page.
To save changes to ALL pages, select "Publish" before clicking the [Apply] button.

<Save as Theme> will save all the settings (layout, logo, colors & Text), and even the current sections on the main page.

<Load a Theme> will show previously saved layout & colors. Optionally you can also show the Text & Logo. These changes will not be saved unless you click [Apply].

WARNING: The Section option will immediately replace ALL the sections on the main page. ALL current sections will be lost ! (This allows you to load a totally different website in one click)

Edit Sections

The content of the webpage is made of Sections.
To modify it, First Log In, then go back to your home page.

[Add] and [Edit] buttons will appear.

[Add] will add a section below,
[Edit] allows you to change title, text, background color, gradient, picture, delete the section and remove images from the Gallery.


The maximum size of an image for upload is 1 MB. Camera create big pictures. If you upload from your camera, use a 1 to 3 Mpixels setting (FHD) or you may need to downsize the picture before uploading.

The maximum size of a logo for upload is 300 KB.

To remove unused images click the [Gallery] button.


If you have a very old browser that cannot support a color picker you will need to enter colors in the Hex format: #0088ff

To find values for common colors click the [Colors] button.

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