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Basic 10: US$ 15 / Year
Double 20: US$ 24 / Year
Heavy 50: US$ 49 / Year
Biz 100: US$ 69 / Year
Pro 200: US$ 99 / Year
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Your website can ONLY be accessed with a domain name, like "myname.com" that you MUST own. Unless you bought it from us, you will have to set your domain name to point to our name servers. It may takes up to 48 hours before this change is reflected to all the world's DNS servers.
Please verify you have access to this email. It will be sent your account data, login and passwords. It is also used by our automated system recovery in case you forget your password / access code.
The following is optional but critical to recover your account if you lose access.
Important: The security answer MUST be something that ONLY YOU can answer.
Please Keep it short
We DO NOT accept spammers on our servers. Please let us know about your current website, social media or w/e shows us we can accept you.

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