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Top Domains Which are the best registrars ?

You can find thousands of websites that will give you this info for "free".
You'll also find out they all mention the same companies; those who have an affiliate program. Check the link and you'll see a little code appended to it. And if you click the link, it doesn't matter which one you picked: you're screwed.
A record (cookie, server) will make sure you always pay a few $ more on every future purchases: the fee for the affiliate.
And that won't be the best registrar, just the begining of an unending serie of traps.

Saubers.Networks has been buying and selling domains since 1994. Plenty of time to filter the crap. We have used and tested many of them.
We don't give links with affiliate code. We just tell you which ones have an honest business model and some which you should stay away from.


Top Domains The lovely ones
Those registrars are the few who do not have any hidden charges, marketing tricks or racket policy.

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Top Domains Heart breakers
Those are full of shit honey that will make you fall in love at first sight and soon be like #!*#@+%!#!.

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