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Request here with the name(s) you wish to register, and a functional email address.
- Add alternate name/tld as the domain may be taken already.


Requesting "" for 3 yrs
2nd choices:,, for 1 yr

We will check the names for availability, reputation (previous owner) and status (blacklisted, etc) and will answer you with the total cost.

As soon as your payment is completed we will:

From then on you renew/add years yourself at the price listed here

Notice that ICANN requires you to provide real contact information.
If you need total privacy you have to purchase the additional years at the time of registration.
Fee for additional years: $ 8.

  Sample pricing:

Buy "" for 1 yr:
6.99 + 10 = 16.99
Renew yourself at $8.99
(Lose anonymity by using own C.C.)
Total after 2 yrs: $ 25.98

Buy "" for 2 yrs:
1st yr: 16.99
2nd yr: 6.99 + 8 = 14.99
Total after 2 yrs: $ 31.98

Registering for 2 years is $6 more expensive but keeps you anonymous*, doesn't require additional work and remove the risk of losing your domain if you forget to renew or your C.C. is rejected.

Saubers.Networks = Peace of mind.


- Check the name on any website like GoDaddy !!! (see name stealing).
- Tell friends or competitors about it !
- Write it on social networks !! even in private messages. (Especially WhatsApp, FB, IG, twitter & google products)
- Delay your payment as the name could be registered by someone else in the meantime.

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* Anonymity means that your personal information isn't available anywhere as we first register in our name.
This gives you TOTAL protection from any kind of predators (spammers, hackers, advertisers, etc..) and protect your right of free speech.
This Do Not protects you from authorities as Paypal stores your payment information.

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