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PresenceWeb is the easiest way to have a website look the way you like. Your creativity is the limit.

Sample sites (functional)

Presence Presence

Name card

Basic data and links to other accounts.

This site is for reference and NOT editable.

Curriculum Curriculum

Personal Bio
Curriculum Vitae

Alisa Saubers modeling skills.

This site is for reference and NOT editable.


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Simple to browse for you visitors, easy to edit for you, PresenceWeb is ideal for a name card type webpage, a portfolio, an art gallery, a shop, taking messages safely, social media links, and much more.

You're hosted on a top class server and best of it, it's super affordable!

List price in US$/year

 Plan Specs Price 
Basic   10 sections $ 15
Double   20 sections $ 24
With extended support
Heavy   50 sections $ 49
Biz  100 sections $ 69
Pro  200 sections $ 99

* We can help set up your theme & sections.

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The "Basic" offer is for personal, non commercial, pages and allows up to 10 sections + 10 emails.
We don't make money on this plan as our purpose is to help pay our server costs by sharing the space so, obviously, the support is limited to starting up your site and the tutorial.

You should check if you are comfortable editing the site yourself before purchase. Just Log In here with "000000" (Six zeros) and try :)

If you need business features or/and dedicated support, contact us to let us know your requirements.

Important: You should also check that what you intend to publish does not violate our T.O.S


Notice Notice

The human side
At Saubers.Networks you deal with real humans, not A.I. robots. You can't buy instantly, but you don't get bad surprises.  

Do not abuse our service or you'll be reported to your local & international authorities, and maybe sent some Novichok :)  

Just click "View source" on your browser to verify that neither nor Presence sites track users.

There is NO community. This is a real, personal, web server with an editable website, not a shared platform. Anyone is allowed to purchase regardless of eye color, phantasm orientation, member size or w/e provided you respect our T.O.S

We don't have ressources to monitor your site so if you're caught violating our T.O.S you'll be banned immediately.
Important: We do not allow spamming, nudity, gore, gambling, politics, discrimination, doxing or proselytism.
Please do not upload sensitive stuff unencrypted.

If you need to share confidential content please visit for apps that can safely encrypt your text or picture data.

PresenceWeb is so easy to use you shouldn't need human support. A very minimum is provided for Basic & Double plans. Other plans include extended support. Should you need special attention contact us.

What you paid minus - $10 set up fee, valid for 7 days for "Double" & 15 days for others (Basic plan doesn't get refund).
Please test the Live demo before purchase, it is always the lastest version & the one you'll get.

We're always open for suggestions (and critics). Presence is a work in progress, constantly updated. If you need a feature please let us know here

PresenceWeb is based on pure HTML + CSS code developed since the 90's in a cross-platfom way. It should be functional on any kind of browsers from WAP phone to TV screens.
Javascript is not required. Cookies are needed for Login & Cart.
Note: From 2019 we'll limit compatibility to 8 years old engines (New, non-critical, features may not work on FF 3.6 / IE 8. / Opera 9 & WAP. Opera 12 and newer will be fine)

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