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Finding a website host is about equivalent to hell on internet. Overselling, scams, downtime, cheats or limited features racket are the norm.
See all the pitfalls

Saubers.Networks has reliable servers & fast connections. We share unused space so you get top class hosting for a fraction of the cost. As long our site is up, and it has been for 20 yrs, you'll be too.

Our offers  

1   Presence  
$ 10 / yr

1 page website, 5 emails
Editing from browser

Ideal as a "business card". Showcase talent, products, take messages, orders and link to your social networks.

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2   cPanel  
$ 15 / yr

3 domains, 1GB / 10GB
cPanel, File mananger, FTP

Classic cPanel hosting, unlimited features. Create your own website with included tools.

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3   MobiSite  
$ 29 / yr

MobiSite multipage website
Editing from browser

Optimized for both mobile devices & laptops. Or build your own site with 2GB cPanel unlimited features.

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Pitfall The pitfalls of web hosting

Most cheap hosts only sell promises and you soon discover the server is full and down all the time.

Many unscrupulous host will sell thousands of accounts on a 100 MB server and just .. do a houdini.

Hidden charges
Most of the top results in skynet search advertise a low price like 4.95/m and then charge sky high for basic features that should be included.

How many 24/7 chat support that work great for sale and are be down once you've paid ? Too many to count !

Old servers crashing all the time are just too common. 100% uptime ? lol

Unlimited bandwith & storage
Why not? Some people believe in Santa Claus.

There are too many traps to write them all here. In over 20 yrs we found very few honest hosting providers and none who provide a small space on quality servers at budget price.

That is where you'll be when you get hosted at Saubers. For a fraction of the cost, and space, you'll never have problems with your website.

But there is a catch. This service is for serious people, not for spammers, we have to be selectif and we limit outgoing emails. So when you request a plan it would be wise to let us know about your fb, insta or w/e can make you look legit :)

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